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Wednesday 30 April 2008

CALL FOR VOTERS - The Top 25 Indy Moments

Hey Fanboys and Fangirls,

In celebration of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Daily Film Dose is compiling another Indy-specific Fanboy list: The Top 25 Indy Jones Moments.

From the 3 feature movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade) please send me your 10 favourite moments, actions, or lines of dialogue. From everyone's top 10 lists the DFD writers will compile the 25 most popular moments.

Please avoid 'scenes' - ie. Truck chase in "Raiders". We'd like to find those singular moments in time that has made the series so special to Fanboys around the world. Please be specific - ie. Indy crawling under the truck in "Raiders".

Please email me your suggestions to dailyfilmdose@hotmail.com

The list will be posted the week of the release of the new film.




Anonymous said...

1. The fight scene where Indy is faced with the Arab opponent swinging this huge sword so he pulls out his gun and shoots him.
2. The fight with Pat Roach around the flying wing ending with a shredded Nazi.
3. The creepy Gestapo agent extracting a presumed torture device and assembling it into a coat hanger.

Josh said...

Can we have an exact date for this? I want to show my girlfriend the trilogy before the new one comes out, and an assignment date would be really helpful!

Alan Bacchus said...

hey Josh,
Your girlfriend hasn't see the Trilogy - you get to watch again, as if for the first time! Awesome.

How about Friday May 9th as a deadline?



Mark A. Fedeli said...

i know you said to email you with ten, but i can only comment with one:

as only a casual fan of the trilogy, i think without a doubt the gun vs. sword scene stands above and beyond as the perfect summation of Indy's true allure.

keep up the good work, alan!

Anonymous said...

I always admire people who get to live vicariously through the experience of an Indy-newbie. I had shown Raiders to a few virgins once and to my horror they said it was "ok, cuz the effects were kinda lame". AHHH!!!! I seriously started crying right there and then. Anyway, great idea and look forward to the list.

Josh said...

Sorry Alan, I ran out of time (college finals and papers and such) but I'm sure the final list will be an excellent one.

No ticket.