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Saturday 3 February 2007


Hi all,

Welcome to the first edition of many daily dose's of film. It's the day after my birthday, and I saw this as the best way to start my 33rd year of film-watching.

This site is easy.

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It's that easy.

Here's your first dose:

CARRIE (1976) dir. Brian DePalma

Starring: Piper Laurie, Sissy Spacek, John Travolta


Based on Stephen King's classic (and first) novel, CARRIE is the story of a sheltered teenager with telekinetic powers who uses her abilities to take revenge on everyone who has tormented her.

This was Brian DePalma's first breakout hit after several underground indie hits (ie. SISTERS and PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE). Sissy Spacek's performance is awesome, as a naive waif and daughter of a god-fearing abusive mother played by Piper Laurie. Both were nominated for Oscars. Technical bravura makes up for some occasional bad acting and stereotypical characterization (some hammy performances from John Travolta and Nancy Allen add to the fun) The final prom scene is a masterpiece of choreography, editing and cinematography and is worth the price of admission. Despite the horror and terror, the film never takes itself seriously - the opening scene - a one-shot long take tracking move through a girl's high school locker room/shower - is notoriously naughty. Enjoy.


Pascal Trottier said...

Great pick Alan!
I’ve recently had the pleasure of rediscovering this minor classic. What is most striking about this incendiary little film is De Palma’s effortless ability to oscillate between the darkly absurd to the shockingly horrific, without compromising the experience. One cannot help but admire the technique and rejoice in the filmmaker’s passion for the medium. Truly inspired stuff. Alas, it now serves only to remind us how De Palma’s more recent limp exercises pale in comparison to his earlier works that screamed of a surging talent to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

Very informative and enticing. I will need to check this out.

Mike Kealy

smahoo said...

Way to go Alan.

Loved Carrie. But should watch again soon. Also want to see "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Little Children". Will be visiting here often. Great.