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Friday 9 February 2007


Fubar (2002) dir. Michael Dowse
Starring; Paul Spence and David Lawrence


If you’re a real Canadian, and love Canada, and accept who you really are deep down inside, you owe it to yourself to see “FUBAR. It’s an instant classic and more Canadian than the Trailer Park Boys, Bob and Doug McKenzie, or the Kids in the Hall. Terry and Dean embody the hockey-loving, beer-swilling, yet sensitive and unassuming qualities of all Canadians. They’re also complete idiots who manage to capture our hearts and make us want to cheer for them.

FUBAR is a mockumentary about two headbanger skids who refuse to grow up. A camera crew follows around 20-somethings Terry (David Lawrence) and Dean (Paul Spence) as they go about their regular lives, which involves drinking beer, playing road hockey, and listening to heavy metal. They decide to throw a party for their friend Troy (whom they call “Tron”), their former party ringleader, who has since settled down. Tron doesn’t show up, which sends the Terry and Dean into a drunken tailspin. They proceed to get heavily drunk and destroy lots of public property.

Later we learn Terry has developed testicular cancer, which cause the two to take a nostalgic camping trip and relive the memories of the past. On the journey they connect with the director of the film, a pretentious artsy/yuppy filmmaker. They get wasted and bond, like brothers. Another deadly accident moves the film into hilarious black comedy. Too funny to even describe. Note: the visit to the filmmaker’s parents’ house is a classic scene.

FUBAR ranks up there with “Spinal Tap” and “The Office” as one of the best-ever mockumentaries. Terry Cahill’s rendition of “Rock’n’Roll Is My Guitar” rivals David Brent’s “Free Love Highway” for cringe-inducing hilarity.

Michael Dowse, the director, is one of Canada’s most promising stars. His next film, “It’s All Gone Pete Tong”, although much different, is as good. And he apparently is going to camera soon on a Brian Grazer-produced film with Topher Grace. Good on him. Giv’r and enjoy.


Patrick said...

Weird that two of the best movies ever made in this country - Fubar and Hard Core Logo - are mockumentaries. According to IMDB Dowse is also doing a movie of the Terry Southern (Strangelove, Easy Rider) novel Blue Movie!

Alan Bacchus said...

Thanks Patrick for the comment, and I agree with you.

Michael Kealy said...

Wicked. I liked the camping scene.