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Friday 11 May 2007


Mousehunt (1997) dir. Gore Verbinsky
Starring Nathan Lane, Lee Evans


A curious choice of film to review you may say – a generic kids flick about a cute animal chased by some bumbling adults? I have to admit I have a soft spot for this one. And it’s not unfounded; “Mousehunt” is actually a hidden gem that defies expectations. And if you recognize the director, indeed, it’s the helmer of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. So, for reasons I'll summarize below ”Mousehunt” got him that gig.

Ernie and Lars Schmuntz are brothers whose father has just died and bequeathed to them the family business of string manufacturers. They are also in receipt of an old run-down Mansion. Ernie (Nathan Lane), the responsible one, who is now a successful chef wants the house and business sold to claim his share of the money and Lars (Lee Evans), the childish one, has a soft spot of Dad, and wants to keep the house and run the family business.

Ernie and Lars move into the house together to determine whether to keep it or sell it. On their first night they discover a pesky mouse has made a home there as well. Ernie and Lars go through a multitude of scenarios to trap the mouse. As their frustration over the mouse’s resilience grows and grows, so does the grandness of their traps.

Meanwhile, a real estate speculator has discovered that the house is in fact a lost treasure from a Frank Lloyd Wright-type of architect named George La Rue. Instantly their money pit makes them almost-millionaires. They decide to auction off the house to the highest bidder, which fuels their desire to clean up the house and exterminate the mouse.

The bumbling duo eventually manage to excise the mouse only to have it miraculously return on the day of the auction. The finale is a madcap series of Rube Goldberg consequences that may or may not jeopardize their chances of selling the house and getting rich.

“Mousehunt” is a visual delight – a live-action equivalent of a Tom and Jerry cartoon mixed with the earnestness of a Tim Burton film mixed with the manic, madcapness of a Coen Bros film. The mash-up is very clever in the detailed mechanisms of the narrative. And the film mixes its grand scale action and comedy with quiet moments of genuine sentiment. The 'big' scenes go way over-the-top to satisfy the kids, but it's the quick gags in the dialogue and the reflective moments that make the film a little gem. And watch for the wicked cameo from Christopher Walken.

Lane and Evans , unfortunately, are the weakest link. They seem to try too hard to be funny, too concerned with channeling Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy, instead of bringing their own comic personalities to the roles. And in that way, the humour feels forced.

It’s easy to see how this became Verbinski’s calling card film. His compositions, production design, and editing, and his natural skill for crafting exciting action sequences obviously caught the eye of Mr. Jerry Bruckheimer, who gave him the keys to the Pirates franchise. You should take a chance on this one too. Enjoy.

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Patrick said...

Alan, you don't know how many people I've tried to convince that Mousehunt is a great film. So many inventive visual set pieces and great dark comedy, I have actually been looking to buy a copy.

Another more recent guilty pleasure was Disturbia. Waaaay better than the trailers made it look.

Alan Bacchus said...

Hey Patrick, I'm glad you concur. Convincing people a family film with Nathan Lane about a pesky mouse is a great film is tough.
And, I must see Disturbia now. Thanks.