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Sunday 22 February 2009



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12:00pm: Slumdog Millionaire is the big winner. The show finished before midnight with time to spare to show us some great clips of some new movies for 2009. Great idea.

11:38PM: Remember when Frank Langella played Skeletor in "Masters of the Universe"?

11:22pm: Danny Boyle's body of work is amazing. I can't believe he just won an Oscar. So happy.

11:07: HUGE upset for Best Foreign Language Film - "Departures" from Japan. Wow! Who picked that one?

11:02pm: The Indian crew members of Slumdog seem infinitely more interesting than the dull Britons (except Danny Boyle of course).

11:00pm: Did John Legend just crash A.R. Rahman's song performance? What was that?

10:50pm: Michael Giacchino's conducting the orchestra this year, breaking Bill Conti's long reign.

10:41pm: Eddie Murphy hasn't aged in 25 years.

10:28pm: When one person speaks on behalf of multiple winners they shouldn't be allowed to make personal thanks to their wives, or children. It's not fair.

10:18pm: Year after year the short filmmakers always have the most honest and sincere speeches.

9:57pm: Ouch. Truly painful musical montage.

9:41pm: I love the tradition of getting really really hot actresses to host the Science and Technical Oscars - for a room full of cine-tech-geeks. Last year it was Jessica Alba. Others have been: Scarlett Johanson, Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek

9:35pm: So glad Anthony Dot Mantle won. A digital innovator. His body of work is incredible.

9:14pm: Wow, I guessed the best Short Animated Short Film right. So far batting a thousand!

9:10pm: Kunio Kato must have won some kind of dare. Great stuff.

8:54pm: Steve Martin is hilarious!

8:49pm: Graceful and classy speech from Penelope Cruz

8:41pm: Meryl Streep has 15 nominations, but hasn't won since 1982 - "Sophie's Choice"

8:38pm: Pretty decent old school opening number. Courageous of Jackman to do that.

8:25: Just looked up Marisa Tomei on the IMDB. It says she's born in 1964 - that makes her 44!

8:21pm: I like looking at the ugly people in the background behind the celebs on the red carpet

8:16pm: I love how Tim Gunn says 'thank you very much' while looking at the camera, not his celebrity guest

8:14pm: Viola Davis is awesome. She had an amazing performance in Steven Soderbergh's "Solaris"

7:51: Was that George Takei?!

7:41: I love The Wrestler and Mickey's performance, but I think this whole comeback thing has been a little overblown. He's never stopped working, and specifically his performances in "Sin City" and "Domino" were pretty awesome.

7:37pm: My wife thinks Jessica Biel's hair looks like a birdsnest, I think she's pretty hot

7:35pm: I love Peter Gabriel's integrity for not singing a medley version of his Wall-E song.

7:12pm: Just clicked on the Jonas Bros on Barbara Walters - very boring

7:11pm: Love Mickey Rourke's white suit!

7:00pm: What's with the 80's style camera quality of ABC's coverage?

6:30pm: Just tuned into very advanced coverage of the red carpet. Switching between the Canadian coverage via E-Talk and Ryan Seacrest on E! Can't wait to see Mickey Rooney. Have I missed him? I know he usually shows up really early.


T.J. Hawke said...

I made the exact same comment about Mickey Rourke's pimp ass white suit.

Love your blog. I'm also covering the event on my blog. Daily Trailer Trash.

Get used to Ben Lyons and Seacrest being complete tools

T.J. Hawke said...

THANK YOU for mentioning Mickey Rourke's comeback started like 6 years ago.

He was also great in Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Anonymous said...

I'm toying with the notion of not bothering to watch tonight. If I decide not to watch it will be the first broadcast I have missed in 42 years. Not that the Oscars mean anything, but they used to be fun and in reccent years they have been really dull.

Alan Bacchus said...

Don't do it Klymkiw - you HAVE to watch.

Kieran Roy said...

During Hugh Jackman's opening bit, he was frothing at the mouth with saliva. Frank Langella tried to point it out to him when Jackman approached. Awkward.

Kieran Roy said...

No, sank YOU!

That domo arigato line was awesome!

Kieran Roy said...

Wow, what an uninspired speech from the Benjamin Button dude...

T.J. Hawke said...

I thought Dustin Lance Black's speech was amazing

T.J. Hawke said...

that short was funnier than pineapple express

T.J. Hawke said...

That musical number was an EPIC FAILURE~!

Alan Bacchus said...

You could even see the embarassment on Baz Luhrmann's face.

T.J. Hawke said...

Alcia Keys looks like a FemmeBot

Kieran Roy said...

Did I miss something or was Heath Ledger not featured in this year's eulogy?

Kieran Roy said...

Ahh...Heath died in January 2008, so he was featured in last year's In Memoriam.

Kieran Roy said...

Who is the man they keep showing with Danny Boyle. I should know this, but I can't place his face.

Alan Bacchus said...

Not sure who you mean...

Anonymous said...

My (Japanese) wife hit the roof when Departures won. She's still doing fist pumps as I type this.

Anonymous said...

So I watched.

No laughs.

No kitsch.

No mention of the death of cinema's ultimate noir femme fatale Ann Savage.

And Mickey getting hosed.

And no surprises.

I could have been watching a real movie or something.

Snickas Weekly said...
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