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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Canadian Cinema in Revue

Curated by yours truly Canadian Cinema in Revue, is a screening series devoted to bringing back great Canadian films to the big screen, celebrating features, shorts and filmmakers who made them. Once a month at Toronto's historic Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles Ave), a cool Canadian feature preceded by a short film of similar theme is screened along with Q&As with the filmmakers.

Curated by blogger, critic and filmmaker Alan Bacchus, Canadian Cinema in Revue, recent winner of Best Revival Programming in NOW Toronto, is a program devoted to showcasing innovative and entertaining features, related short films and the people who made them.


There’s something about grizzly bears that just make people go mad. Lynch’s doc, ‘Project Grizzly’ would make a good companion piece to Werner Herzog’s equally great though more well-known ‘Grizzly Man’. Both films tells stories of psychologically-challenged mad men, who, in the name of science, are as much in search of personal fame as they are the research they purport to be gathering. Lynch’s hero is Troy Hurtubise, after a chance meeting in the woods with a grizzly bear, which left him mesmerized with the animal took it upon himself to build a suit of armour impenetrable to bear attacks thus allowing him to study them up close. ‘Moby Dick’, this is not, but his hubris is as large as Captain Ahab, and perhaps with more perseverance. It makes for an irreverent and unintentionally hilarious peak into one man’s delusions of grandeur. After its release in 1996, it instantly gained a cult following not only in Canada but around the world.

Preceding the film will be another classic documentary from the NFB, NAILS (1979) by Philip Borsos, a Genie-Award winning short film showing the diametrically opposed effects of man and machine on the production of nails

This screenings are presented with the support of The First Weekend Club, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and Daily Film Dose.com.

Tickets for the screening are $8 for members of the Revue and sponsoring groups; $10 non-members.

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Nov 24, 2009: OWNING MAHOWNY (2004) Richard Kwietniowksi) preceded by FLAMINGO (2005) (Cameron Groves)

Oct 28, 2009: THE DARK HOURS (2005) (Paul Fox) preceded by CENTIGRADE (2008) (Colin Cunningham)

Aug 10, 2009: ITS ALL GONE PETE TONG (Michael Dowse) preceded by IF I SEE RANDY AGAIN... (2006) (Vivieno Caldinelli)
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July 13, 2009: FIDO (2006) (Andrew Currie) preceded by THE BIG CHARADE (2003) (Jesse McKeown)
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June 10, 2009: CUBE (1997) (Vincenzo Natali) preceded by ELEVATED (1996) (Vincenzo Natali

Listen to Alan on CBC Radio discussing the Program:

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