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Thursday 27 December 2012

Pitch Perfect

An overachieving cinematic version of A Capella version of Glee, significantly 'straighter' and minus the television earnestness, but also piggybacking on the show's unique self-awareness that removes the silliness of its premise.

Pitch Perfect (2012) dir Scott Moore
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow

By Alan Bacchus

It's the college environment, Anna Kendrick is alt-cute, and a bit of a loner who finds her unlikely calling in an all-girls competitive A Capella group. Like Bring It On for singing competitions there's a number of rival groups, intrasquad conflict, a love interest on the rival team, and inter-generational parental strife. But really the film exists for its musical sequences, and there are plenty of cleverly written and choreographed numbers to whet the appetites of even the most cynical viewer.

It's a girls picture through and through merging the screenwriting mechanics if recent Step Dance films, clique-centric Bring It On and most of college films we can bring to mind.

A number supporting actors keep the familiar turnkey characters palatable. Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) has emerged as a consistent scene stealer despite every gag of hers being a fat joke, but also the pompous boob Bumper, played by Adam DeVine as the leader on the rival group who steals almost everything in the film.

It's certainly a modest theatrical which by word of mouth should have been a massive demographic hit. At nearly an hour and fifty two minutes its obscenely overlong but still a film so easily digestible on home viewing, one can easily text, Facebook and surf paying only minimal attention to the movie without missing a beat.


Pitch Perfect is available on Blu-Ray from Universal Home Entertainment

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Emma said...

I loved Pitch Perfect and think that Rebel Wilson who played Fat Amy will be in alot of the next couple of years. I read somewhere that she is going to be doing some kind of award thing.